PRO professional headset is built to be extremely lightweight, strong and extremely comfortable


It’s the first thing I pull out of my bag on a long flight, and “Sennheiser” is the first word out of my mouth when a friend asks for a headset recommendation. You can keep playing while you charge, too, simply by connecting the headset to your PC with a USB cable. So, if you’re looking to replace your current headset or just want to hear how your favorite games are meant to be heard. PRO professional headset is built to be extremely lightweight, strong and extremely comfortable. It’s definitely a gaming headset so don’t look at it for your go-to, everything headset—that’s not what it is for and it knows it too (in a good way). “ Sennheiser’s latest headset is bulky, unattractive, under-featured and expensive, and for the same price, you can get so much more from other headsets. The wireless connection is a rock-solid one, and the overall comfort of the headset is excellent. Each headset that we test we use daily for at least a week. 5 mm cable, the headset is extremely easy to connect to any system, and you can use the microphone with any piece of hardware. I’m still waiting for my favorite audio company to put out a gaming headset that lives up to the manufacturer’s legacy. To achieve that, PRO headset uses advanced materials including TR90 nylon in the headband, stainless steel sliders, and glass fiber reinforced nylon joints. It’s a comfy, sturdy headset too, so you know it’ll last for years. The 770s have a really flat EQ that makes them great for music production and critical listening applications—hearing another headset immediately after them really brings EQ peaks and dips into focus. In most cases, you’d be right to assume a console-specific headset would be trash. It’s a midrange, USB-connected headset that does everything pretty darn well. Our only reservations with the GameDAC model are that it requires an adapter for smartphone usage, and that its cables feel cheaper than a $250 headset should. Not only is the headset garish and bulky, but it’s also surprisingly light on extra features and delivers just-good-enough sound. This wideband headset delivers a more nuanced soundscape where voice transmission is perceived as warmer and more natural. No matter what I did, the headset felt too tight, the ear cups felt too loose and I didn’t feel like wearing the headset for more than about an hour at a time. The Arctis range’s distinctive ski goggle headband is really effective at keeping the weight of the headset away from your head, and even after playing for hours we’ve never felt it digging.